About Us

At Salt Kitchen we strive to teach our students how to create delicious Farm to Table meals utilizing ingredients directly from our Texas farms, we do our part to help our economy along with assisting our guests to eat healthy sustainable cuisine prepared by our future chefs. At Salt Kitchen we believe in second chances and we believe our students will cook you and your team or family a meal you’ll never forget. Thank you kindly for giving us a chance to give back.

Empowering Youth

Our purpose is to provide a positive path and assist youth with getting back on track. This culinary program provides them with the skills and support to do just that.

Teaching Job and Interpersonal Skills

In the Salt Kitchen program, we teach youthful offenders job skills as well as interpersonal skills so that they can stay out of trouble and not only reintegrate into society but thrive in it. We are named “Salt” kitchen because of the inherent properties that salt plays in food.

Serving outstanding Food

We love to see how much people enjoy our food. Whether it’s at an office meeting, a church gathering, a private party or whatever you can come up with, we want to work with you, combining to come up with a menu you will be proud of!

Culinary Director Chef Felix

Chef Felix from St. Croix, U.S., Virgin Island. Felix has been cooking professionally in the hospitality industry since 1992. Trained at Le cordon Bleu, Orlando, Florida. He has cooked for multiple United States Presidents, Artists and some of the most influential people of our time. Learned Hawaii Regional Cuisine at Alan Wong’s restaurant on Oahu, Hawai’i. Then Executive Chef for Australian restaurateur Bill Granger at Bills Waikiki. Moved to Austin, Texas to help make a difference and help youth offenders learn the Art of Culinary as the Culinary Director at Salt Kitchen by Jail to Jobs.