Changing Lives

One Plate at a Time

Salt Kitchen serves outstanding food while empowering youthful offenders to find purpose, potential, and achievement.  

We, here at Salt Kitchen know the struggles of life and that sometimes our circumstances and choices can lead us down the wrong path. The purpose of Salt Kitchen is to right that path and to let those that have strayed know that they can still course correct. In the Salt Kitchen program, we teach youthful offenders job skills as well as interpersonal skills so that they can stay out of trouble and not only reintegrate into society but thrive in it. We are named “Salt” kitchen because of the inherent properties that salt plays in food. Salt in a chef’s arsenal is more than seasoning, it brings out the flavor and maximizes the overall experience of food. We like our namesake are hoping to bring the best out of our students and to help them manifest the value and potential that we see in them.

Salt Kitchen has evolved into a comprehensive program that focuses on bringing our youth and our community together through catering and our weekly meals-to-go. When you order from us you are giving our youth a chance to make more than just a delicious meal for you.

With your support, we are changing lives one plate at a time.

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It’s been a process for me to see it’s not just a job. When I’m able to see it as a growth program, I have a different perspective. I actually have a purpose now, being able to work on those things while on the job and making money. I want to feel like what I’m doing is for a purpose and means something.